Indirect Bonding

h-braces3.jpgIndirect Bonding provides a method of bracket placement that increases accuracy and patient comfort. First, we create a model of your teeth, resulting in a 3-D image that can be studied to determine the ideal position and angle of the required bracket placement. Next, brackets will be placed on the model. This technique of placing brackets on the model rather than directly on the patients teeth, gives the doctor more flexibility and time to focus on precise placement. This method also minimizes unnecessary tooth movement due to inaccurate bracket placement, resulting in a shorter treatment length!

Once this process is complete, the brackets are covered with a soft and flexible tray material and then “cured” so that they adhere to the tray. When you arrive to have your braces placed, your teeth will be cleaned and prepared, then, a special bonding solution will then be applied to each bracket. After that, it’s simply a matter of fitting the tray on your teeth! Perfectly placed brackets every time! Indirect bonding benefits patients immensely, minimizing appointment lengths and discomfort, streamlining the process to increase efficiency.